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Gavin Stamp Memorial Research Grants

1 January 2020

The Mausolea and Monuments Trust is pleased to offer Gavin Stamp Memorial Research Grants, promoting scholarly study of funerary architecture.

Gavin Stamp

Gavin was a longstanding supporter and champion of the MMT, and had served as a trustee since 2010. It was with great sadness therefore that we learnt of his death in December 2017.

A renowned scholar, writer and lecturer himself, the Gavin Stamp Memorial Grant has been established to support scholarly research focussed on mausoleums and funerary architecture within the UK.

Applications for funding are welcomed from salaried and independent scholars at all stages of their career, including PhD or Masters students and experienced academics, towards discrete projects concerning mausolea or monuments within the UK.

Individual applications are accepted and may be for the following purposes:

  • Access to archives
  • Travel expenses
  • Image copyright and reproduction
  • Photography costs

Applications seeking funding for attendance at conferences or for academic fees or maintenance will not be considered.

To apply, please send a brief description of your research, the purpose of the funding and your financial need (no more than 600 words); a budget; and an academic CV to:

Please include a note of your publisher or the journal that your work will appear in. You will be expected to acknowledge the MMT in any work published with the aid of an award.

Awards are made at the discretion of a panel of Trustees, and there will not normally be more than four awards made per year.

For further information please contact

If you would like to make a contribution towards maintaining the grant fund, donations can be made through the MMT website or by sending a cheque to The Mausolea & Monuments Trust, 70 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ, marked for the Gavin Stamp Memorial Research Grant.